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    Lijiang in yunnan province to build the machine tool group co., LTD(The original lijiang in yunnan machine tool plant)Was established1954Years,Factory mainly produces automotive engine overhaul essential vertical precision boring machine,Used in the piston、The connecting rod、Bearing such as automobile and motorcycle engine accessories processing horizontal boring machine,Tailor the high accuracy for the user,A high degree of automation plane,In view of the high quality of mould、Machining of high speed and high precision machining center series products。After years of development,The company has become a machine tool manufacturing(Two machine tool manufacturers:Lijiang, machine tools and yuxi machine tools)、Real estate as one of the lijiang in yunnan province to build the machine tool group co., LTD。

   My company produces boring machine for nearly forty years of history,80S productionT716ABoring is the prize of national product,From2000To begin,The company has continuously developed each big car、Motorcycle manufacturer、Cylinder liner、Connecting rod factory urgently need a variety of technological innovation、Horizontal CNC precision boring machine,The products have been won the famous trademark in yunnan province,Yunnan provincial fine-quality products,Yunnan province famous brand products, such as honor。

   After development for many years,Our company has set up a file in the special hole processing machine tool industry has the outstanding achievement,Product scope has been expanded from vertical fine boring machine series to the machining center、Numerical control on car,Design and manufacture of high precision efficient special machine tool for the user,With many national patents,Mass production in recent yearsLSSeries fully automatic CNC inverted vertical lathe is my company specialized in automotive brake disks、Wheel hub、The brake hub、Gear parts machining and design development,Mainly used for automobile panel parts of batch automatic processing production,The series machine tools with high speed、The characteristics of the fully automatic,Truly pluripotent in one、Many varieties、Large quantities of quantities、Process automatically、A clamping completed most of the processing of manufacturing market demand,And the more complex parts,Using this series of machine efficiency is higher,Is the auto parts manufacturing equipment industry's most efficient equipment。Product quality comparable to the European and American countries of similar products.   

    I companies to develop products,High standard,Products in the economy,In the high-end products competitive,The company has passedIS09001:2000International quality certification,Companies committed to in order to satisfy the customer as the center of management,Will be“Build China's first-class small horizontal fine bed”As the goal of enterprise,With advanced technology and equipment、Sophisticated processing equipment,Scientific management system,With high quality products and perfect after-sales service to develop the market。Welcome friends to visit our company to choose!

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